This will be a list of my top five favorite lolis in anime. All of these choices are just my personal opinion, so if you don’t see your favorite loli on the list, my apologies. What I should also mention is that my picks are in no particular order. I love each and every one of these lolis for different reasons other than them just being adorable (except for Kanna and Renge. I just love them for how cute they are).

Let’s Begin!

1. Renge Miyauchi

So Renge is one of my favorite lolis not because of the anime she is in but because of the excellent top notch youtube videos made about her. Now don’t get me wrong! She is insanely adorable, but this is just elevated by the awesome videos like Non Non Biyori ~ Color it Black, and my favorite one, Dr. Nyanpasu 10 HOURS. So overall, she is an adorable recorder playing loli.

Now onto her personality and character.

Renge is a gifted child who shows much talent through her excellent grades in school and has also been shown to have great artistic skill. Besides being rather gifted, Renge is an adorable loli with a rather curious nature which in return results in some pretty fun and entertaining scenarios in her slice of life anime, Non Non Biyori.

2. Kanna Kamui

Kanna is a loli dragon maid. I shouldn’t need to explain further on how she isn’t on this list. If you’re a fan of anime, I expect you to also be a fan of Kanna. If not, I guess we’re not friends

Kanna is a quiet and adorable dragon loli. Here’s a video so you can get a sense of Kannas personality and why she is loved so dearly. I would describe her myself, but I feel words wouldn’t do her justice. So here’s a video so I don’t need to do more typing! One more thing, Don’t lewd the dragon loli.

3. Rory Mercury

Okay; So I may get some heat for choosing Rory Mercury as being one of my favorite lolis in anime due to a couple of reasons. One of those reasons being that she isn’t loli enough. I do understand that reasoning because, in comparison to someone like Renge or Kanna, Rory seems much older. In my defense, her name is actually a pun on the Japanese word Loli (ロリ Rori) which refers to lolita fashion. So there, loli confirmed.

“Oh but she is actually 961 years old because she is an ascended deity that people worship, so since she’s actually super old she doesn’t count as a loli.” is what I can hear people saying now. And to you, I say shut up! She has the appearance of a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl thus making her a loli. Plus if that was your argument, then you would consider a good sum of the best lolis to be frauds.

Anyways – let’s actually talk about Rory as a character!

Rory is a badass axe-wielding gothic loli deity who shows no mercy to her enemies but is very friendly to the innocent. She has a violent and sadistic personality in battle but has an excellent sense of justice resulting in her showing no mercy while tearing through bandits. Rory also has a complex about her actual age. Due to this, she gets upset when someone mentions her true age. On the other hand, she dislikes it when she is mistaken as a child.

4. Takanashi Rikka

Takanashi Rikka is the main heroine of Love, Chuunibyou, and other delusions. In this series, Rikka is an active Chuunibyou which means that she is a person who manifests delusional behavior. In Rikka’s case, she believes to think that she has special powers that no other person has. This special power is what Rikka calls her “Wicked Eye”, but in reality, it is just a colored contact lens which she keeps concealed underneath an eye-patch.

So why am I such a huge fan of Rikka? What I love most about Rikka as a character is that she is very cute and clumsy. She is rather childish and insists on believing in what is practically fantasy. This childish attitude Rikka has is touched on in the anime very well and throughout the anime, it shows that she continues to have these delusions to help escape the dark reality she lives in.

5. Enju Aihara

Enju Aihara is one of the “Cursed Children” who carries the Gastrea virus. She is extraordinarily talented in combat and is an excellent partner to the main character in Black Bullet, Rentaro Satomi.

So Enju has been one of my favorite lolis and characters in anime ever since I watched Black Bullet. She’s incredibly adorable, super badass, but also has a very in-depth character. Throughout the anime, there is a constant theme of “Cursed Children” being only tools instead of being treated as human beings. Because of this, Enju ends up going through a very emotional and depressing existential crisis during the series. So I’m happy to be finishing off the list with someone who isn’t just an adorable loli who I’d wanna pat on the head, but instead an adorable loli who you grow attached to during the series. I also highly recommend Black Bullet. It’s one of my favorite animes and I have rewatched it a handful of times.

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