“It’s not the years, it’s the mileage,” says Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nearly 40 years after the first film’s debut, let’s hope that still rings true. A few years ago, Steven Spielberg announced that the adventure hero would return in a fifth film. According to TheWrap, Spielberg revealed the next film’s production start date at the Rakuten TV Empire Awards last Sunday. According to Spielberg, he’ll begin production in April of 2019 in the UK. 

In his acceptance speech, Spielberg praised the UK as an ideal place to film. He complimented “everybody who has helped to make my movies here, and will continue helping me make my movies here when I come back in April 2019 to make the fifth Indiana Jones movie right here.” 

Originally set to open on July 19, 2019, the film will now open on July 20, 2020. The last Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, came out 10 years ago. The upcoming fifth film will be the first one in the series produced by Disney. Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will produce it. And Harrison Ford will return as Indiana Jones himself. 

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