Square Enix Is Paying Attention To The Chrono Trigger Backlash


Last week, Square Enix did a stealth release of a beloved classic, Chrono Trigger, on the PC. Sure, a re-release of a timeless classic, who doesn’t want that.

Instead, what we ended up getting was a botched port of the ioS/Android version of the game. Complete with touchscreen controls, bad filters and a UI that was just a disaster. You couldn’t even change the screen size without the game needing to restart. As a huge fan of the original SNES classic, I was disgusted after 30 minutes and had Steam refund my money. A huge slap in the face to both the title and fans who longed faithful port of the game. 

Needless to say, it was a complete mess and didn’t generate the reception that the company was looking forward. But it didn’t have to be and that’s what has a lot of people, well, triggered. So it seems that Square Enix has been paying attention to the complaints and has issued an update.

Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback you’ve shared so far regarding CHRONO TRIGGER.

We wanted to let you know that we are reading and listening to your messages and are aware of all of the issues that you’ve raised, which we are currently assessing. Please keep an eye on the Steam page for further information.

Thanks for your patience and support.

While it’s great to see that they’re looking at the complaints, it’s also an issue. How is it an issue? For starters, people have been asking for a viable port for years now. Some have even provided detailed guides on how to accomplish this. In the end, we ended up with what we have now. 

Am I confident that Square Enix can right the mistakes? Sure, they definitely could. The question is, will they and at what cost? Are they willing to put in the time and resources to make this the port Chrono Trigger PC fans have been waiting for?

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. But I truly hope they can, but we’re talking about the same company who has yet to address the issues with NieR: Automata on PC. We’re a year out with no patch and several outstanding issues.


Source: Steam

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