THQ Nordic just announced that Red Faction Guerilla will be receiving a full remaster in what they’re playfully calling the Re-Mars-tered edition. This is a good news for fans of the Red Faction series as the previous title Armageddon was released to lackluster reception almost seven years ago.

Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in the second quarter of 2018, the studio has declared that more information about the game will come out closer to its release. To many though this announcement is enough for now, as the excitement of the fast-paced gameplay and destructible environments of  Guerilla won’t soon be forgotten. 

THQ Nordic’s official website lists the following features for the new edition.

  • Fully reworked graphics – Heavily reworked textures and graphics features adding, for example, specular maps.
  • Improved shadow rendering
  • Improved LightingShader & Postprocessing rework
  • Native 4k support for the finest up to date mars destruction experience ever

The graphical overhaul is to be expected from a remastered edition, but that doesn’t make the prospect of seeing Alec Mason sledgehammer his way across Mars a full nine years after the game’s initial release any less enticing. This could also be considered a kind of revival for THQ, who filed for bankruptcy in 2012 before Nordic Games rose the THQ name from the ashes after purchasing some of their assets and their name. But THQ Nordic has revived more than just the old name, and while nothing has been confirmed, this could be their way of testing the waters for a new Red Faction title altogether.

The remaster will also be made by Kaiko, who were responsible for the Darksiders Warmastered edition. It seems as though Nordic trusts the developer with their most valuable properties, and having gained the confidence of fans with the Darksiders remaster we can rest fairly well assured that Re-Mars-tered is in good hands.

Later this year fans can look forward to a return to the red planet, and newcomers to the franchise will have an excellent entry point into the series on the current generation of consoles. While we eagerly await more details you can find updates when they come out by following THQ Nordic on twitter @THQNordic.


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