It was announced that Ranjou Miyake’s Pet manga has been green-lit for a television anime series! The announcement was made via a newly opened official website for the series. The adaptation will be based on the remastered edition of the manga. Director Takahiro Omori (Durarara!!) will be behind the series with Geno Studio developing it. No details have been released for when the show will air, but it will be streaming on Amazon Prime’s service in Japan when it does. 

The story of Pet is described as follows:

The psychic suspense story revolves around people who possess the ability to infiltrate people’s minds and manipulate memories. Their powers have been used in the underworld for covering up incidents, assassinations, and other deeds. These powers can not only destroy other people’s spirits but also corrupt the users’ own hearts at the same time. The users had to protect their fragile and insecure hearts as if chained to each other. They are called “pets” out of fear and despise.

A key visual and a promotional trailer have been released for the upcoming series:

Pet Key Visual



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