When you wish upon a star… you can have any director you want direct your film. Or simply if you’re Disney. The House of Mouse has chosen Paul King to direct its new live action version of Pinocchio. Paul King, director of Paddington, will likely start the production in the fall, according to Hollywood Reporter. Due to the success of Paddington, another live action adaptation of a classic children’s tale, it’s not surprising Disney chose King. 

Originally released in 1940, Pinocchio was the second animated film by Disney. The original tale tells the story of a wooden boy named Pinocchio brought to life by a fairy. Carved in a wood shop by Geppetto, the newly animated puppet sets out to become a real boy. Misadventures follow, even as Jiminy Cricket, the affable talking cricket, attempts to guide Pinocchio’s conscience. Which is important, since Pinocchio’s nose grows when he lies for some reason.

Jack Thorne, who wrote Wonder, is currently writing the script for the new Pinocchio film. Sam Mendes was originally set to direct the film, but left last year. Paul King will now take over. King will also direct a new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Warner Brothers. 

Pinocchio marks the latest film announced in Disney’s growing list of live-action takes on their animated films. Others appearing in theaters soon will be Mulan and The Lion King

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