As we reach the middle week of the second stage teams have gotten settled into the new meta.  As the league goes on we notice that some teams are staking out the top spots, while others are stuck at the bottom.  Importantly the majority of the teams are in a closely contested middle.  Any game is exciting since these teams are all around the same skill level.  The best example of this is that more escort and hybrid matches are being decided without extra rounds.  These teams are learning from and countering each other.  It all makes for better games.  



Overwatch League Hires Head of Licensing

The League recently hired Daniel Siegel as the Head of Licensing.  Siegel previously served as the vice president of licensing at WME-IMG.  The hiring of someone to head licensing for the league is no surprise to those who have been watching the OWL.  The Overwatch League has proven itself as more than an experiment.  Regular viewership is spurring growth as new players, sponsors, and talent joins the league.  Having someone as experienced as Siegl is a good next step for the still new league.  


VOD of the Week

Houston Outlaws (9-5) vs. Philadelphia Fusion (9-5)

Thursday featured what has now become one of the most exciting types of series in the Overwatch League.  The reverse Sweep.  While they came out strong, Houston fell to some truly fantastic play by the Fusion.  LiNkzr had some amazing Widowmaker play in the first map while ShaDowBurn of the Fusion also showed off some surprising flex skills.  The game highlights just how creative and talented the players and teams in this league are.  


Series of the Week

Philadelphia Fusion (9-5) vs. Seoul Dynasty (11-3)

This Stage has been all Dynasty, all the time.  The Korean team has been showing the dominance we expected from them in Stage 2.  Going into week three the question is how long they can keep up this unbeaten streak.  Of their two opponents, Shanghai being the other one, the Fusion stand the best change to give the Dynasty their first L of the stage.  The Fusion have been less than consistent in the league, but they did score convincing wins over Boston and Houston in this stage.  The action starts Friday at 6 PM PST.  

Have a great week and remember that the world could always use more heroes.  

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