A Week of Rematches

With the First Stage of the Overwatch League completed and new maps, people, meta, and time slots the OWL feels new again.  The first week of stage two was marked by rematches and rivalry games.  As new players join some teams, and old ones changes jerseys the action has been as fun as ever.  


New Schedule Takes Effect

You may have noticed that the match times have changed a bit from the first stage.  That’s because they have all standardized a bit.  Weekday matches will now start at 4 PM PST with roughly to hours allocated for each match.  Saturday games will start at 1 PM PST.  Most important is that the Stage Finals have been moved to Sunday.  This should avoid the situation that London found themselves in at the first stage finals.  That team would end up playing 14 maps in a single day.  You can read more about the schedule changes on the official site


Overwatch League Adding Twitch Viewing Rewards

The OWL has been making good use of their partnership with Twitch.  Systems are now in place to reward viewers with league tokens for watching live matches and emote and skin rewards for player who cheer on their team with Twitch bits.  

VOD of the Week

London Spitfire (8-4) vs. The NYXL (10-2)

After a killer performance in the matches leading up to the Stage One Finals the Spitfire beat the NYXL in a close match.  So close in fact there there’s plenty of places where things could have gone the other way.  These are easily the top two teams in the league right now and the rematch was a sight to see.  


Series of the Week

Dallas Fuel (5-8) vs. Los Angeles Valiant (9-4)

There are a few teams already seeing some returns from their new players signed on or traded this stage, and likely more to come, but no team has been experiencing the success with their new players like the Fuel.  aKm, the French player recently signed to the Dallas Fuel has been on fire.  His addition to the roster along with the return of xQc has remade Dallas into a team that looks far stronger than before.  

Valiant however, was razor close to being in the Stage One Finals.  In addition to being an outstanding team, they will be looking for a win after last weeks loss against the Dynasty puts them lower on the table than many of their rivals.  What is sure to be one of the best matches of the weeks starts on Friday at 8 PM PST.  


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