Sean Murray of Hello Games tweets today that No Man’s Sky players can expect a major update to the game this Summer, alongside the game’s release on Xbox One. He writes:

The update is being called NEXT, and just like previous updates for the game, it will be free for all players. No Man’s Sky released in August of 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4 and received polarizing reviews. Its negative reviews can be attributed to misleading marketing. Sony and Hello Games hyped the game up to be much more than it was. When the game released, controversy arose from the fact that gameplay trailers did not reflect the gameplay that players got upon release. But since then, they’ve tried to recoup their losses by offering continued support and updates to its small fanbase.  

We’ll likely hear more about what is planned for NEXT in the coming weeks and months. Previous free updates have added a substantial amount of content. Atlas Rises, its last update, added more to the central storyline boasting roughly 30 hours of new content. It’s currently unclear what the developers are adding with NEXT, but news of the game’s arrival to Xbox One is definitely surprising. The player base dropped off substantially following the weeks after the game’s initial release. However, their dedication to maintaining their remaining gamers and potentially expanding with Xbox players is admirable.

While No Man’s Sky has certainly proved to be a niche game, it has arguably found a stable yet small audience that Hello Games intends to support.