It was announced that Masashi Kishimoto’s newest work will automatically be a serialization. Hiroyuki Nakano, the editor-in-chief for Weekly Shonen JUMP magazine, confirmed this in an interview and even went on to state that the series is already being worked on by Kishimoto. Kishimoto first made the announcement about doing a new series back in October of 2015 noting that he wanted to work on a story in the realm of science fiction. 

Despite the fact that the series was announced as a serialization, there were no details provided as to when the new series will start. It was pretty interesting to see that Kishimoto’s new series will be jumping straight into a serialization as manga artists typically have to produce a one-shot first that gets voted on by a committee to see whether or not it is good enough to be serialized. It appears Shueisha has faith in Kishimoto’s work, but then again, when you make a smash hit like Boruto’s Dad, you’re libel to get a free pass every now and then!

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