So, yesterday there was a new Nintendo Direct, and whether you liked it or didn’t, there is one thing that is certain…you freaked when Super Smash Bros came on at the end. The teaser trailer for the new game showed that the Inklings from Splatoon are joining the fun (which was a major fan request), and also teased things like Link in his Breath of the Wild attire. However, the big question on everyone’s minds is…is it a port?

Nintendo fanboys and fangirls are not wrong for asking this question. After all, Nintendo has made a lot of ports of Wii U games and brought them to the Switch, some of which were revealed in the new Nintendo Direct. Given that Smash Bros is…well…Smash Bros…why not port that? There’s conflicting information as to whether it is or isn’t a port, but now, we have a tweet from Smash Bros god…I mean…developer Masahiro Sakurai, who tweeted (translated by Siliconera) this:

“Although we’re barely at the stage where we’ve only announced the title, I’ve been quietly working on it day after day. Please wait until we can reveal its contents, or until the time of its release!!”

Many feel that given Sakurai’s personal nature, that he wouldn’t be working on a port, and that’s very fair. So, it’s possible that Super Smash Bros for Switch is a new title, and given how he phrased the tweet, we’ll be hearing more soon. More than likely, it’ll be at E3, but we’ll see.

The game is set to release in 2018…but we’ll have to see on that too. If you want to hear our thoughts on Smash Bros and the new Nintendo Direct, check out the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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