Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Release Date Moves To April

We get to see Avengers: Infinity War one week sooner

While Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was scheduled for a May 4th release date, that’s no longer in the cards. Instead, thanks to Robert Downey Jr., who tweeted to Marvel Studio’s official Twitter account to request an early showing with everyone. The movie has been bumped up to April 27th, 2018. That’s one week sooner than originally planned.

So if you had your plans all set in stone to call off of work on May 4th, you may want to get that changed. And to all our overseas friends that were originally going to see this film before us on April 27. Now we all get to see the film at the same time. How cool is that? What? Aren’t you thrilled about that? Oh well, we definitely are. Please don’t be butt hurt too much.

We’ll see you here after we’ve seen the movie to talk about the single biggest event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Can’t wait, can’t wait!