According to Square-Enix’s official website, the company announced that they have launched a brand new game development studio called Luminous Products, a name modeled after their Luminous game engine.

The new studio will be headed by Hajime Tabata, the game director behind Final Fantasy XV. Additional members of the Final Fantasy XV team are also joining the new studio. Square-Enix also launched an official website for the new studio which contains job postings for various positions. The studio’s aim is to work on developing brand new AAA titles all while bringing innovation and entertaining content to a global audience. 

The innovative technology that Square-Enix is eluding to is, of course, the Luminous game engine in which Square-Enix showed off a few tech demos of several years ago. Everything from particles, physics, texture rendering and time of day were shown.


Luminous Engine Tech Demo

A press release from Square-Enix provided the following information:

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., today announced a newly established development studio, Luminous Productions Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan.

Luminous Productions was established with the purpose of developing new AAA titles and bringing innovative game and other entertainment content to a global audience.

Staffed with members of the creative team behind “FINAL FANTASY XV” developed within another Square Enix Group studio, Square Enix Co., Ltd., Luminous Productions further builds on Square Enix Group’s vision to create new intellectual properties alongside our existing studios.

More information regarding Luminous Productions’s new projects will be revealed at a later date.

Company information
Name:                           Luminous Productions Co., Ltd.
Shareholder:                 100% owned by Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
Location:                       Tokyo, Japan
Business Description:   Development of game and other entertainment content
Head of Studio:             Hajime Tabata (COO and Head of Studio)

More information on Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. can be found at

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