Laid-Back Camp Makes Me Wanna Go Camping!


Yuru Camp (or Laid-Back Camp in English) is an anime essentially all about camping and let me tell you that I have never wanted to go camping so badly in my life! I am, for one, a person who prefers to stay inside and enjoy the comfort of my own home. It’s possibly the greatest feeling being able to spend the day sitting in front of the computer playing video games and watching anime… at least it is in my eyes (I know.. It’s sad..).

Though after watching this anime I would love to go buy some camping equipment, get some friends together (or maybe just alone…), and go camping for a night. The way the anime portrays how relaxing it is to sit back by the fire and enjoy the scenery and environment around you is incredible. I can picture myself camping lakeside on a chilly night. Then I look up from the book I was reading just to see the moon’s reflection off of the lakes glassy surface. At that moment a great feeling of serenity will wash over me making the camping trip absolutely perfect engraving this trip into my mind forever. Of course, if I were to actually go camping I’d probably accidentally choose a rainy or cloudy night where I can’t even see the moon… Or sky for a matter of fact. THAT CAN’T STOP ME FROM FANTASIZING THOUGH!

I’m not sure if the agenda of Yuru Camp is to increase the number of people who camp as a hobby is, but it really feels like that’s its goal. On that note, I’d assume that it’ll at least get a couple of people to try their hand at enjoying nature and sleeping in a tent. Now.. Even if I don’t end up going camping, I will have at the very least considered it… And that on its own is an achievement.


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Cole Eckerle

My name is Cole, I am 18, and a new writer for The Outerhaven. I enjoy Anime, Videos Games, and not leaving the comfort of my own home!