The Outerhaven Productions presents Shot of Fuchsia

Jon takes Brady and Conman Into the Breach! Join the Bottled Fuchsia crew as they move, push, and blast bugs in Subset Games’ turn-based strategy game. It’s basically mech chess and it’s rad.



Jon goofed and accidentally left his game in a state where the beginning of this video contains the ending of a run of Into the Breach. This game is run based, so the spoilers aren’t huge. Since this game is designed for replaying, you’ll likely see the ending within the first few hours of a game. If you want to see it for yourself just jump to about 30:21 where we begin a new run. SORRY!


Into the Breach is currently available on PC, via Steam, Humble Store, and GoG. Check out Subset Games official page for Into the Breach here.


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About The Author

Jon Jinks

Jon has been playing video games for a long time. His first commentary was recorded on cassette during boss fights in Final Fantasy for the NES. That tape may be lost, but his love of production, recording, and video games is not.