Hori Announces a Joy-Con with a Proper D-Pad…with a Catch

Retro gaming has gotten somewhat easier with Hori’s announcement earlier today that they are developing a left Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch with a traditional d-pad. This development has interest piqued in Switch owners, however, there is a major catch to this news that may put off some potential buyers.

According to the Famitsu report from this morning (translated via Google Translate,) a couple interesting points came into play, specifically the following:

With this product, the following functions installed in Joy – Con (L) can not be used.
Player lamp, synchro button, SL button, SR button, HD vibration · This product is not equipped with “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor”. During the game, “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor” on Joy – Con (R) side will function. Because this product is dedicated to the portable mode, wireless communication is not performed in “TV mode” and “table mode”.

In shorter terms, all the functionalities of the normal Nintendo Joy-Con (L) cannot be utilized, nor will you be able to play with the Hori Joy-Con (L) outside of Handheld Mode. As a result of this, the Hori Joy-Con (L) will retail for 2,678 Yen, or US$25.60, with a targeted release window of July 2018. Will you be getting one of these controllers? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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