GoHands, the studio that brought you series such as K and Hand Shakers, announced that they have a new original anime planned for 2019 aimed towards women. The anime is called W’z and while story details are a bit sketchy at this time, we do know that it will revolve around Yukiya, a 14-year-old student who makes a hobby out of being a D.J. Since this anime seems to be themed around music, several musical acts have signed on to produce audio for the anime. Those acts include the following:

  • acro jazz laboratories
  • Afro Soma
  • A June & J Beat X OCTOBER
  • Asuka Mochizuki
  • Avens
  • CM Smooth
  • DJ Chika a.K.a. INHERIT
  • DJ Juice
  • DJ Ryow a.K.a. Smooth Current
  • Hiroki Mizukami
  • Incise
  • Jay Lee
  • Kenichiro Nishihara
  • Kondor
  • Leehahn
  • LEMS
  • Marcus D
  • MIC B A.K.A. 73 PIKE SET
  • Nomak
  • Robert de Boron
  • Ryosuke Kojima
  • re:plus
  • Sam Ock
  • SoulChef
  • Still Caravan
  • 216Project

GOON TRAX will be in charge of the W’z’s music while DJ RENA will coordinate the show’s video and music production. Outside of this information, only a few pieces of key art have been released for the series.


W’z Key Visual

Yukiya Full Body


Yukiya Expressions

You can view the official website for the anime at the following link: http://wz-anime.net/

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