Futuristic Racer GRIP Heads To Consoles And Leaves Steam Early Access


GRIP, a futuristic racer that is the spiritual successor to the original PlayStation title, Rollcage, is heading to the PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game has been on Steam Early Access for a year and is finally getting an official release. 

The title has had a hell of a time, so I’m happy for the team, Caged Element, to see that their dream is finally almost complete. Speaking of Cage Element, this a team made of the original developer of Rollcage, Psygnosis. But that’s not to say that the journey was easy. First, Caged Element headed to Kickstarter to fund the game. I actually pledged a nice amount to, only for it to not meet its goal. Then the team went soul searching and came back stronger than ever. Thankfully, we had contact with the team and have been playing with their builds of GRIP ever since then. It’s a fun game, a bit rough a times, but fun.

Built on the Unreal Engine 4, GRIP puts you against several other racers as you try to not die. Oh, and you need to win as well. But that’s not easy as your opponents will be gunning for you. Missles, bombs, armor-piercing guns and more, all while you try to come in first. It’s also easy on the eyes if you like dark, sci-fi, futuristic environments. Fast and deadly, what a beautiful combination for an arcade racer.

Both the PS4 and Xbox versions will have enhanced support as well. No word as to in what way, but typically this means a higher frame rate and 4K support. More details on that to come later.

Sadly, while we know the game is getting a release date. We don’t know what this is just yet. We do know that Wired Productions, who is now publishing the game, is showing off the game at both the 2018 GDC (Booth #1023) and also PAX East 2018 (Booth #20031). We’re scheduling some hands-on with it for PAX East, as well as an interview. If we do manage to get some hands-on, we’ll be able to compare it to the Steam Early Access version and see what’s changed.

Racing fans, if you’ve been looking for an arcade racer. You may want to keep your eyes on GRIP. I know I will be.

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