It’s hard when any show is cancelled, but it’s even harder when you have to wait over a year for the news, holding on to hope as the months roll by. Such is the case for Wayward Pines, the Fox show about a mysterious, supernatural town.

Developed by Chad Hodge, Wayward Pines follows the weird adventures of Wayward Pines, Idaho. The first season follows an FBI agents hunt for his colleagues, with the season 2 shifting perspectives and main characters. It had a Twin Peaks feel, its a little more of an action-oriented plot. The show has had big names like M. Night Shyamalan and the Duffer Brothers in its first season.

Fox has announced they are cancelling the show for good after its second season. There was a lot of talk whether or not Wayward Pines would be coming back for a third season. At TCA’s summer 2016 press tour, Fox CEO Dana Walden said that “really compelling plan for season 3 that I liked very much…We don’t know yet what we’re going to find when the multi-platform numbers roll up, ultimately how big that audience [can be].”

However, 2017 came and went without any news about when fans could expect the next season. There were several plot threads left open, so many hoped they would get the answers they needed. In February 2018, Fox dropped the news that Wayward Pines is done after two seasons. Most likely, the ratings for Season 2 were not good enough to convince the team at Fox to continue investing in the show.

The show is based on a book trilogy of the same name by Black Crouch, so for those desperate for answer or more of the strange little town, there’s always those to check out. Still, nothing hurts more than waiting for a show to come back only to get the bad news.

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