Fire Emblem Warrior’s Awakening DLC Revealed in Famitsu, Expect to Drop Very Soon

The last batch of DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors was revealed in the recent scans of Famitsu, showing off the Awakening theme skins and characters.

UPDATE 3/22/18: It was clarified from Famitsu that the 3/22 release date was a typo on their part. The release that it is suppose to be is on 3/29. This also confirms the US release of the DLC, which was announced by Nintendo and on their main site.  For the US, it will release on 3/28.





We get our first look of our three playable characters of  Olivia, Owain, and Tharja.  Olivia is our second dancer character, so it will be interesting how she can follow up from Azura. Owain is still chunnibyou as ever, with his flamboyant personality and his radiant sword hand. If you’re like me, Tharja is the one you’ve been waiting for. Though only one screenshot, it shows her channeling the darkness and rending her enemies asunder. I only hope their is a conversation between her and Camilla.

We also see the Awakening characters donning new skins in this pack. Chrom wearing attire that is likley from the Cipher  Cards. Lissa dressed as her sister Emmeryn. Major kudos to this one. Lastly, Cordelia in her Dark Flier class gear. Also shown off is some armor break versions of Lucina, Cordelia and Lissa. Legendary maps will be in this pack,  recalling the events of Awakening.


The most important detail of this is that the DLC is  to release in Japan on 3/22, which is currently today. So we can expect to get this last DLC very soon.

Fire Emblem Warriors is currently available on Nintendo Switch.



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