One of the things that makes Fire Emblem Heroes unique as a video game is that just about every single character you can use as a unit in the game is from another Fire Emblem title. It truly brings together the history of the series for players to see and enjoy. However, despite this, certain games have gotten more units brought in than others. One of the ones kind of left out in the cold is Thracia 776, however, that is set to change.

For on Twitter, this was revealed:

For those who don’t know, Leif, Nanna, and Fin are some of the main characters in Thracia 776, and they’re now going to come to Fire Emblem Heroes. Sadly, it’s not until April, but hey, it’s good to know they are at least coming.

In fact, Leif is the only main character from Fire Emblem that hasn’t been in the game. And the only other Thracia 776 characters in Heroes is Reinhardt (ironic, isn’t it?) and Olwen. So, this will bring the count up to five. It’s a start. If we hear a release date for them, we’ll let you know.

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