Square Enix Collective and Sushee announced on Tuesday that the sequel to the PlayStation classic game, Fear Effect, Fear Effect Sedna has launched on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This release comes almost twenty years after the original game’s release on PS1, of which that title was critically acclaimed.

This new chapter of Fear Effect, which came into existence thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, focuses on Hana, Rain, Glas and Deke’s first steps into the world of Inuit mythology. The game was also co-written by the original writer of the series. The title also introduces a new character, Axel, as well as an isometric viewpoint that “cements the combination of action, stealth, and puzzle solving with animated cutscenes into one potent package.”

However, the reviews haven’t been too hot, currently amassing a 49/100 rating on OpenCritic and Metacritic. Here are just a few glimpses of the gaming media’s thoughts on the game:

Jon Mundy, Nintendo Life – 6/10:

[Fear Effect Sedna] is a flawed amalgam of disparate parts. It fails to wholly convince as an action, strategy or stealth game, and the delivery of its story is a little stilted. However, the sheer variety of its mix and its fresh visual style may prove enough to keep you playing through.

Chris Moyse, Destructoid – 5/10:

Fear Effect Sedna shows that the developer truly knows its source material inside out, but unfortunately the gameplay aspect remains lost. With poor voice-acting, a broken, almost unnecessary tactical system, unreliable A.I., and flat action, Sedna just isn’t fun or compelling.

Ben Reeves, Game Informer – 2/10:

A powerful blend of bugs and poor design make every moment of [Fear Effect Sedna] a chore.

Jordan Hurst, We Got This Covered – 1/5 Stars:

Fear Effect Sedna conclusively stomps out any life the series had left with its shallow, malformed gameplay and disjointed narrative.

Yeesh. That last quote sounds quite harsh, but the media has spoken about their feelings of Fear Effect Sedna. Tell us how you feel about the newest entry in the Fear Effect series in the comments below.

At least it looks pretty.

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