Sony Unveils Exclusive God of War PS4 Pro

With the release of God of War fast approaching, Sony has unveiled an exclusive God of War themed PlayStation 4 Pro

The bundle features a fully customized PS4 Pro that has all the bells and whistles of a standard Pro, but with a console inspired by Kratos’ axe, and a Dualshock 4 controller with insignia – all in a “Leviathan Gray”. Shannon Studstill, the head of Sony Santa Monica Studios, goes into detail about the design of the PS4 Pro:

The top surface is the Axe skill tree you’ll use in-game to upgrade your axe, along with the runic gem slots on the handle that enable unique special attacks. The side panels are trimmed with a beautiful Norse design, and the runes each represent a realm in the game. The Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller has the Huldra Brothers brand on it (just like the Axe), and a very subtle God of War logo on the touchpad.

The bundle will be available in the U.S. and Canada for $399.99 USD and $499.99 CAD respectively. For longtime fans of the series, it might be a good time to upgrade your standard PS4’s – this limited edition console is going for the same price as an original Pro. However, as is the case with special editions, they sell out fast. Preorders went live today, and the bundle releases on the same day as the game – April 20th. Sony Santa Monica has been doing an excellent job marketing the newest God of War game, and a customized Pro joins the list of reasons to be excited about this newest installment. 

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