A live broadcast was held today from Daybreak Games celebrating the 19th anniversary of one of the original MMORPGs that began the explosion of their popularity: EverQuest!  To celebrate, they are adding four brand new missions for players to complete a well as activate older missions all the way back to their 5th anniversary for players who may have missed them. The events will not all be available at once, but rather, will be turned on or off over time. The events will last all the way through the month of May, giving players plenty of time to experience them.

In addition, there is a new mount available from the jubilant merchant: The Lava Sessiloid mount!


In addition, there are some limited-edition armor sets available on the marketplace. Every server will also enjoy at 50% boost to experience gain from now until the end of the month. This will serve as a great time to finish leveling your character or to grind out those much-needed AAs. This bonus also applies to their new Coirnav progression server. The server is named after Coirnav, the Avatar of Water, the boss of The Reef of Coirnav zone/raid from their fourth expansion, Planes of Power.

They also announced that the team is hard at work creating EverQuest’s staggering 25th expansion! The last expansion, The Ring of Scale, was released in December of last year. Currently, Expansions 1-21 (The Darkened Sea) are free for all players.

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