As the May 25th release date for the newest title from Heavy Rain creator David Cage looms closer fans of the director’s work should be excited by the presence of three new trailers. The trailers, each at thirty seconds long, features one of Detroit: Become Human’s three protagonists respectively. Connor, Markus, and Kara are to be set at the focal point of the game’s android filled futuristic setting. Upon the release of these new trailers we are allowed glimpses into how these androids’ stories will play out, with each filling a vastly different role than the others in the game’s world as a whole.

The first of the three characters, Connor, is a prototype android whose primary purpose is assisting the Detroit police. From what we can hear in the trailer he is the most advanced android produced by a company called CyberLife. His primary purpose is apparently to seek out androids who exhibit “deviant behavior,” whatever that may mean to the corporation. His investigative abilities are also put on display as we see that he is able to replay and reconstruct the happenings of a crime scene thanks to his software. Connor’s partner on his first official investigation is Lieutenant Hank Anderson, a detective with a hatred of androids and an affinity for alcohol. The advanced android will make use of his social module to exhibit the qualities of a perfect partner, as well as his psychology module in an attempt to win over Anderson, all while trying to discover the source of the deviant androids.

The next character to receive a trailer is an android named Markus, who in the ownership of a renowned painter by the name of Carl Manfred. The paraplegic artist’s voice opens this trailer by expressing his desire to take care of Markus, who he has come to see from a more paternal standpoint than anything else. A statue can be seen toppling from its pedestal and Markus’ role in the leadership of the android revolution is suddenly made much more clear. Manfred’s monologue continues, encouraging Markus to make his own decisions, and to fight back against those who would seek to strip that autonomy from him. Over the course of the story the android, who has been humanized over the years by a man who introduced him to the arts in various forms, will go from a simple caregiver to the leader of a revolution. This transition, along with just one of the many button prompt choices bound to be found in Detroit, are clearly displayed in the revolutionary’s character trailer.

The final trailer depicts Kara, a domestic assistance android, who is owned by a man named Todd Williams. The former taxi driver has been described by Cage as a “strange and unpredictable character.” The trailer, while much more cryptic than the other two, still offers some solid insight into the android’s tale as well as the relationship mechanic briefly seen in the top right corner as she embraces a young girl named Alice. This girl also seems to play a crucial role in the story of Kara, who can be seen telling Alice that “It’s us against the world.” This will in some way tie back to Kara’s owner and Alice’s father Todd, under whose roof they learn that they aren’t safe Cage has confirmed. This trailer, while definitely the least revealing of the three, leaves room for many heart strings to be pulled in the full game as Kara ends her speech by telling Alice that she will do everything she can to make her happy again.

Fans eager to see more of the game can check out its official store page and await its release date of May 25th.