Days Gone For PlayStation 4 Delayed To 2019

Days Gone

If you were one of many who figured that Bend Studio’s open-world full of zombies title, Days Gone, wouldn’t be released in 2018. Then back yourself on the back, as you were correct. As of today, Sony Interactive Entertainment America has announced that Days Gone would indeed miss a release in 2018. It has been delayed until 2019.

While there aren’t any specifics, Sony has reflected the change on their website for the game. While many other sites are reporting on this as well, I was actually updated via Amazon. Since I have a pre-order in, they contacted me and informed me that the order was delayed until 2019. To confirm this, we reached out to Sony who informed us that the release date has indeed been moved back and that “they’ll keep us informed of an upcoming release date”. While Days Gone never really had a release date, many were hoping for a 2018 release date. Especially since the title had already appeared at two E3 showings. Now it will be a third E3 that has come and gone, while the game still won’t have been released.

Now that Days Gone has moved to 2019, it will be competing with several other titles such as The Last of Us 2, Death Standing, and Ghost of Tsushima. And let’s just hope that Spider-Man doesn’t get pushed into 2018 as well. Speculation is that the title will see an early Q1 2019 release date, and hopefully before any of the aforementioned titles are shipped.

So while a delay is always seen as a bad thing, keep this in mind. A delayed game can ultimately mean a better game and we all want that, don’t we? I mean, we all want to be blown away by this game, so a delay for a mind-blowing experience is worth it. It also means there more time to play Red Dead Redemption 2 when it launches.

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