COSPLAY BY McCALL’S Stirling Regent Pattern Review

Stirling Regent is the pattern than fans of queenly dresses have been waiting for. This one is perfect for those who need a pattern to serve as the base for a princess gown or anything else that requires a full bodied skirt. Inside the envelope are patterns to make a top, detachable collar, and skirt. You aren’t getting a great amount of variety here – the end goal of all of the pieces is to come together to make a dress not too different from what you’ve seen on Queen Elizabeth I. 

Here are the specs:

Skill level: Advanced 

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Pattern number: M2118

When McCall’s chose to label this one as advanced, they weren’t kidding. There are a lot of components to this pattern that require skill, experience, and patience. As pretty as this pattern is, I can’t imagine myself touching it unless I had a specific character in mind. I personally go for more simple designs when looking for new characters to consider but I know plenty of people who enjoy the feeling of skirts swooshing at their feet. 

This pattern will definitely find use for fans of CLAMP’s Princess Sakura and other characters similarly dressed. So let’s open the envelope and see what this pattern demands.

First off, this pattern isn’t for someone on a budget. If you’re planning to stay true to the pattern, you’re going to need to invest some time and money hunting down the notions you’ll need. This pattern requires the following:

  1. Cording
  2. Polyester Boning
  3. Double Fold Bias Tape
  4. 32 Jump Rings
  5. Snaps
  6. Trim & Beaded Trim
  7. Double Fold Bias Tape
  8. 20 Gauge Steel Wire
  9. Ribbon
  10. Lace Trim
  11. Invisible Zipper
  12. One Skirt Hook & Bar Closure

The list above just touches on the notions required. You’ll also need several yards of sequin, brocade, printed panels in cotton sateen or twill, novelty lace or fabric, sateen or satin, organza, tulle, and lining fabrics. This doesn’t touch on any optional additional notions mentioned by the pattern maker. So as I said, be prepared to block off a bunch of time and money to invest in this project. 

The directions for this garment span across 8 pages, which should give you an idea of how long this pattern will take to complete. Regardless, you’ll have a lot of pieces to trace and cut, and a lot of pinning to do. The dress is made up of 19 pieces divided unevenly across the top, the collar, and the skirt. The collar and the skirt are the easiest to make, with the top taking up the bulk of pattern pieces and direction. When looking at the dress as three separate garments it actually isn’t as intimidating as one might think. The top is really the biggest time consumer with 14 pattern pieces and the bulk of the details, including the invisible zipper and boning. The biggest task is deciding if you want to make the top first or last given that it will take up the most time. 

The end result is something anyone could feel regal in. 


This is available now for purchase from COSPLAY by McCALL’S.

*This item was provided for review.