Kodansha Comics announced via their Twitter account that they will be releasing the Attack on Titan Character Encyclopedia in July of 2018! The encyclopedia is set to retail for $10.99.

Kodansha describes the encyclopedia as follows:

From the brave warriors of the Survey Corps to the nameless villagers who end up as Titan chow, this detailed guide contains more than 200 entries on humans and others inside and outside the Walls.

Ever wondered about Eren Yeager’s birthday? Or wanted a collection of Connie’s dumbest word-salad moments? Are you taller than humanity’s strongest soldier Captain Levi? All those answers are within the pages of this collector’s dream guide, as well as a new interview with creator Hajime Isayama, all about the real-life inspiration for your favorite Attack on Titan characters. The book also includes the latest answers to the mysteries of the nine Titans in a brand-new section on the Titans with schematics and details.

The encyclopedia will contain the following information about the characters from Hajime Isayama’s hit series:

  • Birthdays, personal information, and other favorite moments of your favorite characters.

  • Latest answers to the mysteries of the nine Titans.

  • New interview with Hajime Isayama

The announcement also confirms the previous announcement that Attack on Titan‘s third anime season is set to air in Japan in July of 2018.


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