When the Nintendo Switch was revealed last year during the January event, one of the “odd” games that was shown off was a title called ARMS. Many didn’t know what to make of it. But, through interviews and Nintendo Direct’s, Nintendo turned it into one of the must-have games on the Switch, so much so that it sold 1 million units in just over two weeks.

That being said, last December things came skidding to a halt via Version 5.0, which brought in the final character to ARMS, but also would be the last “major” update for the game. Nintendo would still support the game mind you, but new stages, characters, and other things wouldn’t be happening.

This led many to wonder if a sequel was in the works. Well, according to Japanese Nintendo, Kosuke Yabuki, the director of the game, did an interview with Famitsu where he noted that he would like to work on “ARMS 2″…”one day”. Seemingly implying that work on a sequel is not happening at moment.

While not definitive (he could be vague in saying “one day” knowing that the day could come soon) this will be a blow to fans who felt that the game lost its major support because a sequel was in the works. It could still come, but for right now, it doesn’t seem to be happening.

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