With just under a week until Devolver Digital’s new game Minit, let’s take a look at what we know of the title from the renowned indie developer, as well as the recently released gameplay trailer.


Described as “An adventure played one minute at a time,” the game’s core premise is based on a curse that has befallen the world of the protagonist which causes each day to pass by in a single minute. You, in the role of said protagonist- a sprite reminiscent of the Tamagotchi era- set out on a quest to lift the bizarrely specific curse one sixty second increment at a time. It’s a charming title with a quirky mechanic, the pair of which makes for an interesting premise.

Minit‘s development team of just four people lend the game a fairly personal feel as well. Everything from the faux-retro art style to the early Legend of Zelda inspired gameplay feels lovingly crafted, so as you romp through the world watching the timer tick down, don’t be surprised if you find yourself a bit lost in its charm. The core mechanics of the game extend further than just the minute-long days, as items that will help players on their quest, such as the early-game acquisition of the sword remain in their inventory even when the day comes to a close. This feature will allow players to continually put the grand puzzle together while also fighting through the sense of dire urgency to perfect every move that persists through the title.

Lovers of innovative and unique mechanics, as well as polished indie experiences, should be on the lookout for Minit‘s April 3rd release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those looking for updates can follow the development team on Twitter individually (@kittycalis, @jwaaaap, @jukiokallio, and @zerstoerer), as well as @devolverdigital, or check out the official website. To keep us sated until April though, Devolver Digital recently released a gameplay trailer, which can be watched down below.

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