Following the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman, fans were naturally curious as to who would follow Ares as Wonder Woman’s foe in the sequel. Recently, there were mutterings that Cheetah would serve as the antagonist in Wonder Woman 2, arguably one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies.

It looks like we have confirmation that this is the case, as well as some casting news straight from Patty Jenkins via Twitter. Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig has been cast as Diana’s adversary in the sequel. In the post, Jenkins shares her excitement over the casting decision and what they have planned for the sequel. 

She writes: 

As a comedic actress, Kristen Wiig is an interesting choice to play the supervillain. However, Ares was thought to be a lackluster enemy by many in the original film, so a change of pace in the sequel should be welcome. Plus, Wiig has shown dramatic range outside her SNL career so it should be interesting to see what she does in this highly anticipated sequel. 

The original film was a welcome surprise out of the DCEU that we certainly enjoyed, so we are excited about its followup. Wonder Woman 2 is expected to premiere November 1st, 2019, with shooting to begin this summer. 

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