Weekly Outerhaven YouTube Roundup February 25, 201

We here at the Outerhaven want you to know us not only for our passions surrounding gaming, tech, television, movies, anime, manga, etc. Every week we’re going to deliver to you a list of videos we have been checking out while cyberloafing the internet. It gives you a chance to see another side to us, one that isn’t focused on covering the latest news or reviews. While this list will be largely safe for work, we must warn against things that may incite any phobias that you may have. Enjoy!


Josh’s Pick:

Japan is known for some rather “out there” commercials and this one is no exception. I would try and explain what this one is about, but words will never do this justice. I will say that it’s a two-parter so stick around after the first commercial fades to black because if you thought the first half was moderately weird, just wait until the encore! It’s “udderly” delightful!


Todd’s Pick: 

What’s better than Death Battle? Seeing people complain about some of the contestants in the Death Battle. And this weeks upcoming match has that, as another character from My Little Pony is set to do battle.

But, as this preview video shows, you should NOT underestimate Twilight Sparkle.


James’s Pick:

Your homework now is to go watch Battle Tendency again.


Sara’s Pick:

Step aside Beyoncé, Janelle Monae is back! Her new album, Dirty Computer, doesn’t come out for a while, but this new single from it is just mind-blowing in its excellence. Looking back to where she came from musically and where she wants to go, Django Jane is a lyrical feast. Bask in the greatness, y’all.


That’s all for week’s roundup. Tune back in next week to see what we are sharing next!

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Elizabeth is an avid reader of manga and enjoys attending conventions in cosplay. Please follow me on social media to keep up with my latest reviews and cosplay progress.