Score A Free Copy Of Dead Space On Origin

One of best sci-fi horror games on PC

Dead Space for PC

Dead Space, one of the best sci-fi, horror games for the PC is now available for free. Yep, free, no strings attached.  Over at EA’s Origin website or client, all you have to do is add the game to your account. That’s it. 

Once you do, you’ll enjoy (hopefully) a game that is very near and dear to my heart.

Released in 2008 for the PC, by the now default dev studio Visceral Games. Dead Space was a successful attempt by the studio to take all the elements that made Capcom’s Resident Evil (then) so successful. Then they retooled them and added a few tricks of their own. Their attempts paid off in a major way. Dead Space is revered as one of the best horror games available on consoles and PC. Even to this day.

The game takes place on a huge planet cracker (massive ship) called the USG Ishimura. You play as an engineer turned hero, Issac Clark. As you attempt to help your stranded crew figure out what happened the ship. Eventually, the mission turns into a struggle to stay alive as you fend off waves of enemies called Necromorphs.

If you like sci-fi games with a healthy amount of horror, then you’ll love Dead Space. When I first played the game, I was glued to my PlayStation 3. I still own that copy, as well as the rest of the series.

Pick it up, play it and enjoy it. Then once you’re done with it, be sure to pick up Dead Space 2. Just do me a favor and stay far away from Dead Space 3. Ok?

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