One of the things that has defined the Nintendo Switch is that developers feel very welcome in bringing their titles to the console. Because of that, a slew of indie games have done better on the Switch than other platforms they’re on. And so, when a game looks to go multi-platform to console, they definitely eye the Switch. Case and point, Radiation Island.

Radiation Island was born on iOS, and was quite a hit game. It’s a survival title, where you’re dumped on an island where “experiments” have been performed, and you must survive what’s on the island, all the while figuring out what happened on it.

Like most survival titles, you’ll have to scavenge for supplies, fight off predators, make sure you’re fed and kept warm, and more. And by “more” we mean events that defy the laws of physics…and zombies.

“We knew when we created Radiation Island that it was meant for a home console. With the portability of the Nintendo Switch, fans of the game can have the best of both worlds,” Andrei Lopata, CEO of Atypical Games, said. “We always hold our games to incredibly high standards, and the Nintendo Switch lets us exceed our own expectations while still letting us create a full-fledged experience gamers can take with them on the go.”

The game is available right now on the Switch, so if you’re looking for a new experience, you can try it out now!

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Todd Black

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