Pikachu App Is Now Available Statewide for Alexa and Google Home

Now you can speak to Pikachu on your smart device

Are you a fan of Pokemon and own either an Amazon Alexa or Google Home enabled device? If so, then you can already speak to a Pokemon, specifically, Pikachu. All you have to do is enable the Pikachu Talk app and you’re in business. 

With the Pikachu Talk app for Amazon Echo or Google Home devices, you can now experience the joy of chatting with the famous Pokémon. You can talk to Pikachu about anything, and you’re sure to hear all sorts of wonderful and charming responses through its cute cries like “Pika” and “Pika-pi.”

Ask Pikachu to “use Thunderbolt,” and hear if it’s in the mood to use its electrifying move! Say “tell me a funny story,” and Pikachu will spin a yarn as only it can. If it’s your special day, just ask Pikachu to sing “Happy Birthday to You.” Even something silly like “say ‘pizza’ 10 times” will get Pikachu chatting!

Now, this isn’t the first time this application surfaced. In fact, it was available in Japan since last year. However, now that it’s stateside, users of both smart devices can go ahead and have some fun with Pikachu. I enabled it to check it out and it immediately drew my children into my office. While it’s a bit limited, it’s still fun to check out and play around with. 

Give it a shot, you might enjoy like we did.


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