There’s plenty of exciting matches coming up this week in the Overwatch League, but it’s the Stage One Finals that are on everyone’s minds.  A $125,000 prize pool is up for grabs and only the top three teams at the end of the week will have a shot at it.  As of now NYXL and London look to be sure things for the one and two slots though their match on Saturday morning will likely decide who will be be number one.  The third slot is still up for grabs thanks to Seoul’s recent loss to London.  If Seoul loses, even just one series, and the any of the 5-3 teams win then they could be out of the Stage One Finals.  

 The Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem, LA Gladiators,  San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons all have no chance of being in the Stage One Finals.  Meanwhile the Philadelphia Fusion, Boston Uprising, Houston Outlaws, and the Los Angeles Valiant all have a chance.  

The Stage One Finals will follow a seeded playoff format with the second and third place teams facing each other at 5:00 PM PST and the winner there facing the top of the table at 7:00 PM PST.   You can see the Overwatch League breakdown of the finals here.  



Florida Mayhem signs Zappis

The Mayhem are know for a few things in the Overwatch League, not the least of which is their roster size.  With exactly six players they are unable to have any subs during a match and their scrimmaging options are limited as well.  This changes now as the Florida team has signed Zappis.  In an official announcement the team welcomed the former Team Gigantti player.  Will Zappis be what the team needs to  #BringTheMayhem ?  Only time, and stage two, will tell.  

Geguri to join Shanghai Dragons (rumors)

Off-tank player Geguri known best for her Zarya play is reportedly joining the Dragons.  The Shanghai currently has the worst record in the league, 0-8, and have no chance at the stage one finals.  Signing some new players seems an obvious move for the team and the internet has exploded recently with talk of the off-tank joining the only Chinese team. 

Unfortunately, Neither Blizzard nor Shanghai has confirmed the signing.  To complicate things further this comes after rumors that Geguri would be joining the NYXL, a Korean based roster.  It’s also possible that the off-tank player may be joining an Overwatch League Academy team as well.  Whatever the team, if signed Geguri would become the first female player in the Overwatch League.  


VOD of the Week

Los Angeles Valiant (5-3) vs. Boston Uprising (5-3)

If you needed any proof that Boston has become a team to be reckoned with, this is it.  Boston not only winning this series but 4-0’ing what many consider the top western roster is no mean feat.  Uprising player DreamKazper was in top form across all the matches.  This match is worth watching just to see his masterful DPS play alone. 


Series of the Week

Los Angeles Valiant (5-3) vs. Seoul Dynasty (6-2)

It’s the second week in a row that we’re highlighting an upcoming Dynasty match and the stakes are even higher this time.  With the Stage One playoffs looming both of these teams need wins this week to have a shot at the $125,000 prize pool.  Having fallen to the number three position Seoul is in danger of not being in the finals at all.  LA losing to Boston last week makes their position a bit tenuous as well.  The match will be on Wednesday at 8:00 PM PST and as we discuss above, it could decide who is in the first stage finals of the inaugural season.   

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