Anyone who has been following Nintendo for a few years knows exactly how important 2017 was to the company. It was the year that they really made headway with their mobile titles (Pokemon GO doesn’t count, that wasn’t their game), and most importantly of all, it’s when the Nintendo Switch launched. The system shocked the world with how great it was, so much so that by this point in time it’s sold over 15 million units.

But, the question now is, how long with the Nintendo Switch be sold for? The last Nintendo console, the Wii U only sold for around 5 years, but that was because of bad sales. The Wii sold for a little over 6, and previous ones sold for around 7. In an interview with Nikkei, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed how long he wanted the system to be sold for:

“We want to continue selling this console for more than 5-6 years (the usual lifetime for a new game console).”

One of the reasons why he wants it to go that long though is fascinating:


“There are various features in the controllers such as sensors. We want to expand sales by evolving the ways to play even further. The longer (the sales period) is, the better it will be.”

So there you have it. Let’s hope the Switch sells for a long time, cause we want to see what Nintendo can come up with.


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