“We’re pumped for E3 2018 and will be there in a big way”

When the preliminary maps for E3 2018 were released,  people noticed a glaring issue. These maps give a basic layout of the event. Who’s going to be in attendance and how big their booth size is going to be. It just so happens Microsoft seemed to have a vastly smaller booth, when compared to E3 2017.  

In the images below, you can see that during E3 2017, they featured a larger booth. I was at the event and I can attest to that. It was very nice, full of Xbox One’s and that really sweet Forza 7 Motorsport simulator. However, for this year, the amount of space they have marked off pales in comparison from 2017. A bigger booth means you’ll have more stuff on hand for the attendees to check out. A smaller booth, and well you get the idea.

Check the images out below.

Microsoft E3 2017

Microsoft E3 2017 map


Microsoft E3 2018

Microsoft E3 2018 map

This has caused many to speculate that Microsoft wasn’t planning to have a lot to show off at E3 2018. Eventually, this information made it’s way to Microsoft, which caused them step in and address those images. Microsoft’s Xbox Marketing manager, Aaron Greenberg replied via Twitter, stating that those maps aren’t accurate and don’t represent what MS has in store for the event.

Aaron states MS will be there in a big way, at the Los Angles Convention Center and beyond. I had speculated prior to this that Microsoft may be planning something similar to E3 2017, where they hosted the Xbox One X conference at a different location. If what Aaron says is factual, it could be that Microsoft is planning to do something along those same lines.

Of course, having a big booth presense doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft needs some heavy hitting titles. The catch phrase “Where are the games?” is constantly asked, with no apparent answer as of yet. With Crackdown 3 delayed, nothing being said from the State of Decay 2 camp, along with several previous key games canceled. Microsoft really needs to pull a rabbit out of their hat if they want to impress their audience and the naysayers. 

But can they? They’re still flying high after the launch of the Xbox One X. Against the PS4 Pro, people are quickly seeing that the Xbox One X is the home for 3rd party games now. But with the lack of exclusive 1st party titles, and the fear of other Xbox games coming to the PC. Microsoft has to come to E3 2018, ready to impress and hopefully show everyone that they have the games.

So, Microsoft, what exactly do you have planned for E3 2018? I’m all ears if you want to talk.

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