Microsoft; Hi-Rez Studios Announce SMITE Pro League to Broadcast Exclusively on Mixer

Microsoft on Thursday announced an exclusive partnership with Hi-Rez Studios to become the exclusive broadcast partner of the SMITE Pro League and Smite Console Series via Microsoft’s streaming site, Mixer.

The partnership kicks off with the beginning of the 5th season of the SMITE Console Series, which will air exclusively on This weekly open invitational tournament is open only to North American and European Xbox One players and will air every Monday, beginning on March 5th at 1 pm EST, with exclusive prizes on the line every week, with a monthly prize pool of $6000 for both NA and EU teams. The partnership also includes Season 5 of the SMITE Pro League on March 20th, beginning with Rival going one on one with NRG esports at 1 pm EST.

When it comes to how Mixer’s exclusive co-streaming technology will come into play, the blog post featured the following:

SMITE Pro League broadcasts will implement Mixer’s unique co-streaming technology to bring fans more camera angles, perspectives and views. This multicast experience enables you to customize your viewing experience by choosing supplemental feeds that enhance the main broadcast.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft and Hi-Rez have teamed up, as the Paladins Console Series is also exclusive to Mixer, broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday starting at Noon EST, at

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