Here’s the rundown of the Fighting EX Layer live stream

The 26th has come and with it is a bunch of new information for Ariki’s upcoming fighter, Fighting EX Layer. First up, we now have a release window, which is June 2018. While we don’t have an exact date, the game will be release being the end of June.

As originally thought, the game is not exclusive to the PlayStation 4. While Sony is pushing hard for the game, other consoles haven’t been ruled out. In addition, if the game does well it could end up on the PC via Steam. They also mentioned that due to the size of the team, they would need to invest some time in a PC version. They simply aren’t versed in porting their titles to the PC.

Fighting EX Layer will also have multiple versions of the game. A lite version which includes 5 Gougi decks and 12 characters and a standard version with 15 Gougi decks, 12 characters and a different special variation of Shirase/Hokuto. The lite version is priced at $39.99, which the standard is $59.99. For now, the game is digital only. If it sales well, a physical edition might be considered.

There will be no English Voice Overs. Not sure how much of an issue that will be for some. There won’t be able legacy controller support at launch. This is due to a number of reasons, as cited in their Facebook post. The game will also not include a story mode, but there will be a single player mode.

The entire roster with the exception of two unknown characters has been announced. All of which have made appearances in either the Street Fighter EX or Fighting Layer games. Noticeable, Cracker Jack has been renamed to Jack and has no relation to Jack from the Tekken series. Jack also received a makeover, as he was the cowboy-themed character that was shown off a month ago. And yes, he does have his signature baseball bat. The identity of the two new characters will be made at a later date, as the team wanted to focus on the existing characters first. The game will launch with 13 characters. 

It’s worth mentioning that they don’t think anyone will be able to guess who the two characters are. I’m guessing that one of the silhouettes is Nanase, from Street Fighter EX 2. The hair, skirt, and pose give her away. I can’t tell about the other one.

Current Roster:

  • Allen Snider
  • Blair Dame 
  • Darun Mister
  • Doctrine Dark 
  • Jack  (formerly Cracker Jack)
  • Garuda 
  • Kairi
  • Shadowgeist (revealed during the live stream)
  • Skullomania 
  • Shirase (Hokuto variation)

All information was taken from the Fighting EX Layer live stream. You can check that out below.

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