Previously, the director of Dragon Ball FighterZ had stated that there would be a series of patches. One to end near the end of Feb. 2018, with another in mid-March. Today, the patch notes for the first patch were released. Here, a number of issues including party match, gameplay and a slew of other fixes have been addressed. 

Once particular thing to note is they have partially addressed the online gaming, which more fixes to come later.

You can see the entirety of the patch notes below.

February patch notes

“Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ. We’d like to announce the contents of the late February update to the game. (Once the update is out, because of changes to the battle system, replay data from the older version will be incompatible, so please be aware of this).”

<Update contents> 
“Party Match “is implemented. 

  • Expand the following functions of “Replay Channel”.
  • Follow channel
  • Search channel 

Improve the convenience of the arcade mode 

    • Change the flow so that you can select the destination by the result after the course clear. 
    • Add ‘Return to Course Selection’ and ‘Return to Character Select’ to the option in battle.
    • We will make the controller vibrate when matching “Wake stage match” “Rank match” “Casual match”.

Update the replay data version.

※ After updating this update, please understand that old version of replay data can not be played. 


  • Improve the stability of motion. 
  • Modify the display related to each effect, effect, etc. in the game. 
  • After doing Dragon Rush <Forced change>, fix the phenomenon that the winning judgment will be reversed if you attack in such a way that the position will change with the opponent at the moment when the opponent appeared.


  • We will partially change and optimize the specifications to improve matching situation. In this case, we will strive to improve matching situation. 
  • DLC “Anison & BGM pack” music will change the specification so that the music set by 1P and 2P will flow. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and,  PC (Steam).

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