Dimension W Vol. 9 Review

Title: Dimension W Vol. 9
Author: Yuji Iwahara
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 196
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Publication Date: March 6, 2018

The Story

In volume 9 of Dimension W, the battles that we were left with in the previous volume wrap up rather quickly. Loser’s body outlasts Chrysler’s and Loser collects his Numbers coil, giving him all five that he needs to activate the gate. Kyouma is about to kill K.K. when Mira stops him and says that everything is okay with Lwai, despite the fact that his body was absolutely destroyed. Lwai shows up and explains that he has many bodies and that his real body is back in Africa controlling them remotely through a connection made with Dimension W. Now that Kyouma and Lwai are regrouped, they head to Prince Salva and awaken him from his dream state that was induced by coming in contact with one of the Dimension W spheres a couple of volumes ago.

With everyone back together, there’s only one thing left to do… head to Adrastea and confront Haruka Seameyer. When they arrive there, they are greeted by Loser. Loser uses the coils to show Kyouma the truth about everything. Here, we get an incredible backstory surrounding Loser aka Julius Tyler, his wife Sophie as well as Haruka Seameyer and how they were all working to create the ultimate coil that turned possibility into reality. This coil was called Genesis. During the creation of Genesis, New Tesla Energy deemed its creation too dangerous and halted its development. Seameyer fell into madness after having his creation stripped away from him. Turned out it was all an act and that he had completed Genesis a long time ago. He kidnapped everyone on the team and used them as human experiments to test Genesis. Loser ended up being the only one to escape after he was successfully teleported, thus completing the Genesis Coil.

Our volume ends with Haruka answering Loser’s question as to where his wife Sophia is.

The level of details that Yuji Iwahara went through to explain what Dimension W is, what it is capable of and how Genesis could turn possibility into reality was nothing short of amazing. While a lot of it just seemed like it could be far-fetched, everything was explained in a way where it was easy to understand and, most importantly, it all made sense. Despite all of this, It all boiled down to a God Complex being the motivating factor behind Seameyer’s actions, which is a bit on the trope-ish side, but his sheer level of evil made up for that.


The two biggest developments here belong to Loser and Haruka Seameyer.

Seameyer was an assistant of Dr. Shidou, who was Mira’s creator. He was brought to Adrastea because the discovery of the Genesis Coil was made and he felt that Seameyer’s brilliance could be of some use. Dr. Shidou himself wanted to see its completion, but in the end, he was one of the people who signed off on the project’s abrupt halt. Seameyer felt absolutely betrayed and that pushed him into madness. Seameyer is the very definition of a mad scientist that would sacrifice anyone or anything as long as he achieved his desired result. The possibility of having unlimited power to do, quite literally, anything he wanted was too much to stave off. While you actually understand his reasons for becoming the person he is today, you also love to hate him for his sheer heartlessness.

On the other side we have Julius Tyler, aka Loser. He was the scientist responsible for creating the energy shield using coils. He ended up working on the Genesis project along with his wife Sophie. Turned out that Sophie was the one who tied her biometrics to the teleporter so that only she could operate it. When Seameyer gained control of the teleporter, he used her as a hostage and forced her to teleport living humans one by one. Each time a human exploded and the teleport failed, Seameyer would make adjustments to the coil and try again. Julius was the last one to be teleported and when it was his turn, the teleportation was a success, sending him to the middle of the Pacific Ocean… although his body wouldn’t emerge from the teleport unscathed. Sophie tried to stop Seameyer once she realized that the coil was complete and it caused Adrastea to break in two with the smaller chunk disappearing along with the coil (thanks to interference from Kyouma) and the larger chuck disappearing into space along with Sophie and Seameyer.

I felt these backstories were incredibly detailed and they all folded into the overall story perfectly. It wasn’t just a backstory that you read and felt a connection to the character, but a backstory that actually supported, filled in the blanks and enhanced the main story as a whole. I love with character stories are actually part of the main story because it builds a better and more interesting world!

Final Thoughts

This was a phenomenal volume of Dimension W and, quite possibly, the best one yet in the series. While there are still some questions left unanswered, a majority of the questions we’ve had throughout the entire series are answered in this volume. We finally know about Loser’s past, Kyouma’s past, Seameyer’s past and how they all intertwine to bring us to this very moment. Even the reveal of Lwai’s true form and identity shed a whole new light on Prince Salva and made all of his actions more noble than selfish.

Still, we have questions surrounding Mira and Dr. Shidou. Why did he create her? What did his message mean when he told Mira to follow the illegal coils? They even mentioned that certain keywords are deleted by New Tesla from android memory banks if they are using legal coils, so why was Mira’s memories about following illegal coils not deleted? I believe that this is the final mystery to be solved in this series and we’ll get the complete picture and I, for one, cannot wait to read it!

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