Demon’s Souls Servers Are Sunsetting Tomorrow

Sadly, the day that all Demon’s Souls players have feared is upon us.

After nine years, Atlus and Sony are sunsetting the Demon’s Souls servers, for good. Originally this slated to happen last November 2017. However, us players got together and pleaded like crazy to get a reprieve. And while it worked, it didn’t put off the inevitable. It merely delayed it.

As of tomorrow, the servers will go offline. Meaning that you won’t be to see any more helpful/completely useless messages on the ground. No more summoning or being summoned, none of that. All of what helped to make Demon’s Souls so memorable will be gone forever.

As someone who spent a large amount of time with Demon’s Souls, well it really stinks. I still play this game to this day, and I enjoy the online functionality. With this all going away, the game is going to be enjoyable still. Yet it will be a shell of its former self. That also means for those who relied on help from others to take down bosses. Or who enjoyed the PVP aspect, you’re going to be out of luck.

Tomorrow, I ask that all my fellow Demon’s Souls players to press “F” to pay respects. And for those who haven’t moved on yet, maybe it’s time you check out the Dark Souls series. That is if you haven’t by now. 

Here’s to hoping that the rumor of a Demon’s Souls remasters eventually becomes reality.

Demon's Souls

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