THQ has announced that several of their upcoming titles will be making their way over to GOG. Titles such as Darksiders III, Fade to Silence, This is the Police II and Biomutant, will all be available on the service. 

For those unfamiliar with GOG, it stands for Good old Game. It is a platform that sells PC games and is similar to other services such as Steam, Origin, and Uplay. With the exception that they only sale DRM-Free titles. They even have their own client, called GoG Galaxy and it’s pretty nice. One of the benefits of GOG is that you aren’t required to be online at all times. 

This is the Police II: As the sequel to one of the most gritty crime thrillers of last year, it promises to bring even more dramatic decisions, questionable methods of law enforcement, and violent bloodletting, this time set in the cold, unforgiving North.

Darksiders III: Taking over from her brothers War and Death, the agile Fury unleashes herself upon The Seven Deadly Sins, determined to whiplash some balance back into this wretched world. Hack-n-slash action peppered with platforming antics and puzzles, all done in the stunning signature artstyle of the series?

Fade to Silence: A survival RPG channeling that unmistakable The Thing ambiance. Become the leader of a damned group of survivors, scrounging for supplies in a frozen wasteland where terrible horrors roam and the cold never lets up.

Biomutant: Small, agile, genetically flexible and a master of the martial arts. Your tiny warrior is ready to roam this beautiful but cruel post-apocalyptic world seeking his destiny, the next helpful mutation, or a sweet piece of gear.

While three of titles are still being developed, Fade to Silence is currently available for play.It’s currently available as an early access title on Steam, albeit with mixed reviews. Out of the bunch, I’m looking forward to Darksiders III, as I loved the original two. And Biomutant, as the IP looks interesting and I’ve been watching the development.


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