Cult Classic ‘Firefly’ Extends its Canon with New Book Series

Oh Firefly. Every year that passes means a decrease in the odds that we’re ever going to get a second season. What with the cast having moved on to other projects (have you seen Alan Tudyk’s filmography recently?) and Joss Whedon doing God knows what, it seemed like the Firefly universe would go unexplored. 

That is, until these new books come out. According to Entertainment Weekly, the ‘Verse will continue forth with a new series of books from publisher Titan Books, in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. Joss Whedon will serve as consulting editor and the book will officially be canon.

“[I am] delighted to be bringing new, official stories to fans of a show that has continued to grow in popularity over the years, finding new audiences in an unprecedented way,” commissioning editor Cat Camacho said in a statement. “Firefly is a hugely unique IP and Titan Books is excited to be becoming part of its legacy.”

Here are the official titles, general release dates, and plot details of the three books currently planned in the series:

Firefly: Big Damn Heroby Nancy Holder (Oct. 2018)
Captain Malcolm Reynolds finds himself in a dangerous situation after being kidnapped by a bunch of embittered veteran Browncoats.

Firefly: The Magnificent Nine, by James Lovegrove (March 2019)
Jayne receives a distress call from his ex Temperance McCloud that leads the Serenity crew to danger on a desert moon.

Firefly: Generationsby Tim Lebbon (Oct. 2019)
The discovery of the location of one of the legendary Ark ships that brought humans from Earth to the ’Verse promises staggering salvage potential, but at what cost? River Tam thinks she might know …

Will these books provide some much needed answers? Well if these books follow the tradition of the Twin Peaks books, then we could finally learn more about River Tam’s training or Inara’s mysterious illness. Pre-orders will likely be open soon, so keep an eye out!