Clinton’s Gaming Deal Emporium: Feburary 17, 2018 – NBA All-Star Weekend Edition

Team LeBron vs Team Steph Curry. You know what that means…it’s NBA All-Star Weekend, and if you’re a basketball fan like myself (damn it Kristaps…why you injured,) you’re definitely ready for the exhibition game which features all flash and little substance! I just wish LeBron would stop being a b*tch and participate in the damn Dunk Contest. Hey, at least Klay Thompson is in the JBL (read Samsung) Three-Point Contest…anyways, Welcome to Clinton’s Gaming Deal Emporium! Here’s how it works:

  • Every week, we seek out some of the best gaming deals from across the retail universe.
  • We compile a list of the best ones and share them with you (with available links/affiliate links) every Saturday/Sunday.

That’s enough talking for now, let’s get to the deals! Remember, all prices are in USD, convert responsibly.

Premier Deals of the Week:

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold Physical Edition [Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch] – $59.99 at GameStop (66% off;) Free Weekend on Xbox Live

NBA 2K18 is the #1 selling basketball simulation game on the market today, and despite the microtransaction hell that is MyCAREER, there is some fun to be found with this game. MyGM: The Next Chapter adds an engaging story to the MyGM experience, and MyTEAM has more and more modes to keep you enthralled, and you don’t even have to spend any real money (if you don’t want to.) The Neighborhood and the Road to 99 is perhaps the worst experience for MyCareer ever, but for $59.99, you can’t pass up this deal. That 250K VC boost comes in handy, trust me. All that aside, the core gameplay is still a lot of fun.

NBA Live 18: The One [Xbox One/PS4] $4.50 on Xbox Live Gold & PS+ (85% off)

No VC. No grind-fest. No real money purchases outside of Live Ultimate Team. The perfect balance between The Streets and The League. NBA Live 18: The One is EA Sports’ attempt at a revival of the NBA Live series, and so far, it’s been successful. If you’re a sports game fan, and you’re not super competitive, everything about NBA Live should appeal to you. At $4.50 (discounted from an already low $29.99,) NBA Live 18 is a steal for such a good game.

Deals of the Week:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $49.99 at Walmart

Price Match at Best Buy! Price Match at Best Buy, especially if you’re like me since former Mayor Michael Bloomberg blocked Walmart from having stores in NYC limits (you know, crappy employee policy and all.) The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which is normally $69.99, falls into line with its contemporaries from Microsoft and Sony. Our own Keith Mitchell said the following about the Pro Controller:

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is easily the best controller you can have for the console. It fits your hands, super comfortable, has a decent battery life and does everything the Joy-Cons do. 

FarCry Gold Pack (FarCry – FarCry 4 & FarCry Primal:) $42.00 (65% off)

FarCry 5 releases at the end of March, and Ubisoft is giving fans the chance to play through the first five entries all over again with the FarCry Gold Pack. These games activate through uPlay, so make sure to download that first!

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack: $49.99 (Amazon Prime eligible w/free returns, 62% 0ff)

If you have a gaming laptop, and you need to make your way anywhere via plane (especially on long flights,) you’ll need a backpack that passes TSA security checks in a breeze. The main compartment carries up to a 17-inch laptop, and there are compartments for writing utensils, keys and an extra change of clothing. The backpack opens up and lays flat to get through scanners easily and without TSA having to open your bags and rifle through everything.

And there you have it, folks! All of the best deals for your gaming needs and wants for this week. Until next week, friends!