Bayonetta almost became a one-off franchise after struggles between SEGA, Microsoft, and Sony happened. But, Nintendo came in and saved the day and because of that, we got the hit sequel (which is now on Nintendo Switch) and a third game that will be coming to the Switch either this year or next. Series creator and Platinum Studios head Hideki Kamiya has had a lot to say about the franchise in the last week, and a new tidbit is raising eyebrows.

You might remember Kamiya giving the history of the franchise via a set of Tweets, well, a fan responded and asked if Bayonetta 3 was going to be the last of the series. Well, Kamiya replied with “Well, there is also the concept of the fourth work…”

So…does that mean (barring low sales) that Bayonetta 4 is already thought out? It wouldn’t surprise us, Platinum Games knows that people love this franchise, so why not plan ahead for it. Plus, “concept” can be taken many different ways. Concept art, concept mechanics that could be put into the game, a concept of the storyline, etc.

Hopefully we get some more info about the third game in the franchise, as that’s the one many are looking forward to in the immediate future.

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