It’s always sad to see a good show go, but it’s even sadder to see a once good show jump the shark and then crash and burn back to the Earth’s surface. ABC’s Once Upon a Time falls in the latter category. The show took a hit last year when three of the stars (Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Josh Dallas) dropped out of the show. While the show did its best to reimagine itself, its happily ever after is coming in a few short weeks. 

The story followed Emma, a young private investigator who receives a visit from the little boy she gave up for adoption named Henry. He takes her to his hometown, convinced that everyone in the town is a fairytale character and that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Worse yet, his adoptive mother is, supposedly, the Evil Queen who put a spell on everyone to make them forget. But, sure enough, Henry is right and Emma gets caught in the middle of all the fairytale romance, drama, and dark magic.

As mentioned above, three of the main cast left the show, which left a huge story gap to fill. The writers opted to age Henry up and have him go on his own fairytale adventures. Needless to say, it hasn’t gotten the ratings the network hoped, leading to its cancellation. And while the bell has been tolling for the end of this fairytale for quite some time, it’s still sad to see it go. The various members of the cast have put out posts saying goodbye to the show and its fans. The writers, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, put out this statement:

“Seven years ago, we set out to create a show about hope, where even in the darkest of times, a happy ending would always be possible. But we never imagined the happy ending that was actually in store for all of us – years and years of adventure, romance, magic and hope. We’re so grateful to our brilliant collaborators – the cast, crew, and writers – as well as our partners at the studio and network for making this journey possible. But most of all, we want to thank the fans. Their fierce loyalty and devotion was the real magic behind Once Upon a Time. We hope they join us for these last few hours as we journey to the Enchanted Forest for one more adventure.”

There is no news as to when the final episode of the show will air.

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