Let’s recap, shall we? So, Nintendo in 2017 made a concentrated effort to put out a ton of 1st party titles on their new console, the Nintendo Switch. And pretty much every title that was 1st party has done very well on the Switch. The last 1st party title of 2017 was Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and last week we reported that the game had apparently sold 500,000-ish units in its first two days. But, there was some concern that the numbers weren’t accurate, and many wanted to hear Nintendo say it did that well, if not better.

Well, your request has been answered, and verified! For Nintendo released a report detailing what were the best selling games on the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. And Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was not only on that list, it has been stated to have sold 1.06 million units.

This means that it sold over a million units (between retail, digital, and bundles, all were included in that number above) in less than a month. And with this great amount of sales, we can hope for another Xenoblade Chronicles to come out, and maybe even come out for the Switch again!


We absolutely love Xenoblade Chronicles 2 here at the Outerhaven, I gave it a 4.5/5 in my review, and all three members of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast crew own it. And we’re definitely going to talk about it again in our next episode.

So congrats Monolith Soft and Nintendo, another job well done.

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