War of Infinite Panels, Issue #8 – “A New Year, A New Hope”

On this installment of War of Infinite Panels, Julz Chan and Matt GetSelious say goodbye to 2017 and enter 2018. Just before 2017 ended, Producer Walter Hamada was made head of DC Films, Young Justice Season 3 has been confirmed to come out in later this year, and Actress Jodie Foster shared some unfavorable comments about the superhero movie genre.

Matthew “GetSelious” Paul and Julz Chan`s Comic Recommendations: 

Ms. Marvel (2014 to 2017) – Written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona

Silver Surfer (2014 to 2016) – Written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Mike Allred

The Sheriff of Babylon (2016 to 2017) – Written by Tom King and illustrated by Mitch Gerads

Superman (2017), Issue #18 and #19 – Written by Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Mick Gray & Patrick Gleason

The Unbelievable Gwenpool (2016 to 2017) -Written by Christopher Hasting and illustrated by Gurihiru 

Justice League/Power Rangers (2017) – Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Stephen Byrne 

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